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Program Note

Sextet for Piano and Winds is a 20-minute piece consisting of 4 movements each exploring pitch-space from one narrow point of view.

Energetic and disjunct, Movement I is characterized by a sensation of climbing ever upwards, as shifting dynamics and articulations are used to evolve an archetypal gesture. Movement II is somber and restrained, with phrases and ideas ending where the initially began. A tapestry of voicing and orchestration are used to present and represent two pivotal minor chords, sounding ever new in altering configurations. The flow in movement three evokes the downwards cascades of waterfalls, complementing the lifts and ascensions heard in Movement I. Movement IV, a finale, synthesizes the previous movements’ essential characteristics, exploring multi-directionality through space, be it up, down or sitting idly.

Technical Information

Catagory: Chamber

​Instrumentation: Piano and Wind Quintet

Year of composition: 2021

Duration: ~22 min.


Premiere Information


Jacob Greenberg, piano
Tara Helen O'Connor, flute
Liang Wang, oboe
Laura Ardan, clarinet
Christopher Millard, bassoon
Philip Myers, horn

Venue: Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival 2021


Perusal Score

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