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Instrumentation: 3.2+1.2+1.3/

Duration: ~5 min.

Written for Aspen Music Festival

Psalm 23.jpg

Psalm Symphony

for narrator, choir, children's choir and symphony orchestra (2017)


Duration: ~20 min.

Commissioned by Haifa Symphony and 929 Foundation. Conductor: Roy Oppenheim

Listen to excerpt

Elegie Site.jpg

Instrumentation: Piano Solo + Strings ( minimum)

Duration: ~14 minutes

Dedication: To Henri Dutilleux

Premiered by the Juilliard Orchestra. Conductor: Jeffrey Milarsky

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Duration: ~20 min.

Dedication: To Ilay Abramovich

Premiered by the Tokyo Philharmonic. Conductor: Kentaro Kawase

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Comments regarding the aforementioned poem

for narrator and string orchestra (2014)

Narrator + String Orchestra (min 4 players for each part)

Text by: Yehonatan Geffen

Commissioned by The Revolution Orchestra. Narrator: Yehonatan Geffen, Conductor: Roy Oppenheim

Duration: ~12 min.


Seltenreich - 00 - Score - I Never Said She Stole Your Money - Oversized_Page_04.png

Duration: ~ 10 min.

Dedication: Lee Gilboa

Instrumentation: 6 voices (S, M-S, A, T, Bari., B), flute, clarinet, and cello


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00 - Full score - Lueur_Page_04_edited.jpg

Duration: ~ 9 min.

Written for Ensemble FontanaMIX
Instrumentation: Fl., Cl., Vib., Hp. , Pno./Cel., Vln., Vla., Vlc.

Pardes cover.png

Duration: ~ 10 min.

Written for International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

Dedication: Orel Culiner

Instrumentation: Fl., Ob., Cl., Bsn., Hn., Trp., Perc., Pno., Vln., Vla., Vlc., Db.

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hypnosis image.jpg

Duration: ~ 7 min.

Commissioned by SCI/ASCAP for Sound Icon

Dedication: Aj Stillabower

Instrumentation: Cl., Sax., Bsn., Perc., Pno., Vln.

ICD-10 - I - Score - Conductor Score-1.j

Duration: ~ 19 min.

Commissioned by Israel Contemporary Players

Dedication: Omri Blau, shira Cohen, & Yaniv Hefetz

Instrumentation: Fl., Cl., Ob., Pno., Perc., 2 Vlns., Vla., Vlc.

Listen to excerpt


Duration: ~15 min.

Instrumentation: Fl., Cl., Perc., Pno., Vln., Vlc. (Pierrot + Percussion)

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Duration: ~20 min.

commissioned by Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival 2021

Instrumentation: Fl., Ob., Cl., Bsn., Hn., Pno

00 - Seltenreich - Trajectories - Full Score - landscape - margins_Page_04.png

Duration: ~8 min.

Commissioned for Jack and Mivos quartets by Lucerne Festival 2019

Instrumentation: 4 Vlns., 2 Vlas., 2 Vlcs.


Duration: ~8 min.

Commissioned for Flux Quartet by Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival 2018

​Dedication: to Yair Seltenreich and Anat Peskin (composer's parents)

Listen to excerpt

Seltenreich - Schnaim - Piano I_Page_24.

Duration: ~ 12 min.

Commissioned for Festival Messiaen 2016 by Salbert Foundation

Dedication: to Eliza Bender

Listen to excerpt



for string quartet (2015)

Duration: ~30 min.

Dedication: to Matthias Pintscher

Listen to excerpt


Seltenreich - Piano - Turbulent (2021)_Page_2.png


for Piano (2021)

Commissioned and premiered by Hagai Yodan

Duration: 1 minute


What Goes Up Must Come Down

for Double Bass (2021)

Commissioned by Lucerne Festival and the Fritz Gerber Foundation

Premiered by Thomas Lai

Duration: 2 minutes

Seltenreich - Breath (2021) - Contrabass - Tablet_Page_5.png

Commissioned by New England Conservatory for SICPP 2021

Premiered by Matthew Henson

Duration: Open

For full recording and additional info - Click Here


Commissioned by the Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund

Edited and Premiered by Parker Ramsay

Duration: ~12min.


For perusal score, and additional info - Click Here


Edited by Branson Yeast

Duration: ~10 min.



for piano, violin, viola and cello (2016)


for flute, viola, and cello (2012)


for piano (2006)

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